Stock Market

Stock Market

What is the stock market?

It is a space of negotiation of marketable value, i.e., a place where buyers and sellers negotiate “papers or documents” that represent a monetary value.

These may be shares of companies, bonds, contracts, currencies, etc Some markets are small, as in the Latin american markets, others as big as the New York stock exchange, the London stock exchange, Shanghai, Tokyo.

In this opportunity we will use the New York stock exchange and Nasdaq for all or most of the explanations and examples, but everything you learn is applicable to any bag (there are many in the world, to mention some examples: Hong Kong stock exchange, Toronto stock exchange, Bombay stock exchange, bolsa de Mexico, Mexico city, Buenos Aires stock exchange, stock exchange of Colombia, among others).

These stock markets constitute a very important part of the economy of a country and the world in general. In all the world markets are supervised and regulated by specialized agencies (the SEC in the case of our example of the New York stock exchange) in order to protect investors, controlling for the mediators, to avoid scams and fraud as well as manipulation, control, those who emit titles of value, and to allow for transparency in the operations as to a company listed in stock exchange must give a statement of all its operations. Regardless of what country is the bag in which you operate, there are international standards imposed by the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO).

Bolsa de valores de New York (WALL STREET)